ZEKA MANFRED is a collection of standout pieces inspired by rich cultures and designed for women who want more. 

Soaked with opulent textures and detail, each piece and collection embodies a woman from a different place and time, with inherent culture. 

A throwback to a time when Hollywood glamour ruled and minimalism lay dormant in the shadows.

Collections of vibrant colours, lavish materials and ornate accessories, ZEKA MANFRED is reinventing the very idea of glamour, and with it, the idea of culture.  

ZEKA MANFRED refuses to comply with tradition and trends. ZEKA MANFRED is reviving an ancient concept, reviving bold, seductive, power dressing and embellishing all women.


Sustainability - Rag Trader


"Each piece carries with it an attitude- the casual confidence and strength of a woman who knows who she is and what she wants."

Anneke Bournazos - Creative Director